Did you know that divorce ranks just above death when it comes to events that can cause severe psychological stress?

Divorce is indeed a major lifestyle crisis. It not only causes stress for the divorcing couple but also affects their children. Considering this, many couples make the smart decision of not going through the complicated and often drawn-out litigation process. 

If you also want to reduce the impact of your divorce on your children, divorce mediation is the way to go! 

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for divorce mediation


Gather Crucial Information 


Typically, you’ll have to gather all your financial information, including your property’s mortgage information and your bank and retirement account statements. 

The mediation process will be aimed at dividing the assets fairly between you and your spouse. You should also be prepared to discuss issues, such as child support and spousal support. 


Create a Post-divorce Budget 


Your divorce will have a major impact on your future financial status. Therefore, it’s best to go in your first divorce mediation session with a post-divorce budget. 

It’ll guide you in terms of what you should focus on for divorce settlement. Please note that if the settlement fails to provide you with the support you need, you might fall into a pit of financial woes soon after the finalization of your divorce.  


Think about Your Children 


No matter how unpleasant your marriage has been, you should realize that your children will need the support of both you as well as your spouse after the divorce. 

Prioritize your kids’ future and don’t let anger, frustration, and heartbreak get the better of you.