Social media is very popular place where people can connect and give updates. People will post about their children, their family, special announcements, obituaries and even their everyday life. Social media gives you access and allows you to share your opinions, stay in touch with relatives who are far away and share milestones.

You should reconsider what you post and if you should post at all if you are dealing with a criminal defense situation.

How Social Media will be used against you

You should consider working with a skilled criminal defense attorney if you find yourself having to go to court. Having criminal defense on your side can help you be mindful of any laws and rules of trials. Consider the following ways in which social media can be used against you in court.

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The posts on Social Media may be used as evidence

You may think that your private posts on your private social media account may not be used against you but think again. These days a judge is more likely to use your contents such as your posts, your profile, any update, pictures, etc., as evidence.

Even if they are sent through private messages submitted through Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and any direct message etc. it can all be used as evidence if it has been gather by a civilian instead of a law enforcement official.

Imagine someone posting pictures of them enjoying a coffee out with friends while smiling but has claimed that an accident left them emotionally damaged, bed-ridden or even incapacitated. A civilian may submit this to the court and may portray a conflicting story even if it was only a few minutes of happiness after a rough year of recovery.

In other words, posts and images can be used against you to prove that your claims are true or false.

Social Media and Criminal Defense Cases

The same idea and rules apply with criminal defense cases.

For example: If you have a DUI or DWI case against you and have uploaded a picture on your social media account holding a drink at the bar from that same night then that picture can be used against you and may damage your argument. If you are on probation, then that can be used as evidence that you did not follow your orders.

Social Media Use Guidelines

The best advice is to refrain from posting on social media while you or a family member is going through a criminal defense case in San Diego. This includes and is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter and any other social networking sites on the internet.
While you limit your own activity, make sure that your friends and family also understand the impact and the serious implications that social media can bring.

Deleting social media profiles and posts can make you look suspicious in the eyes of the court.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Unless you have a law degree, dealing with this country’s legal system may be difficult without a Criminal Defense Attorney. There are many unspoken rules that govern these cases like limiting the use of social media if you are facing a charge.

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