Be Aware of Bad Lawyers Who Have These 7 Poor Work Habits

The strength and weakness of your case will largely depend on who you hire to advocate you. Not all attorneys are equally competent, reliable, skilled or ethical. It is often challenging to find a good lawyer, and more particularly difficult to avoid a bad one. A legal practitioner’s work habits can help you determine whether the agent is suitable for your case or not. Always avoid a lawyer who lacks professionalism with following poor work habits:
Lack of responsiveness
An attorney who fails to attend or return your phone calls or respond to your emails in a timely manner does not consider customer service at all. It shows that the person may be too busy to listen to your concerns, or stressed or uncertain to handle your case, altogether ignoring your matter.

Poor attitude
A legal representative who demonstrates an uncommunicative, condescending, impatient, rude or alternatively poor attitude may not be suitable to work with. A weak client-lawyer relationship may cause conflict and tension, damaging the case ultimately.

Missing important deadlines, especially showing negligence in court filing deadlines, can gravely harm your case. Therefore, it is the best to end the relationship with a lawyer who consistently misses deadlines and demonstrates carelessness.

Lack of Time Management
You cannot depend on a lawyer who doesn’t follow a well-organized, reliable calendaring system which is critical to prioritizing multiple obligations and meeting deadlines. The lack of time management skills of an agent can prove to be disastrous to your matters.

Fake Promises
The outcomes of legal matters are always unpredictable. A reliable lawyer doesn’t promise for a definite result. Therefore, be aware of agents who make superfluous fake promises.