Hundreds of immigrants had been detained a few months back in at least eleven states between workplace and neighborhood raids in response to Trump’s regime. Raids are always unexpected; therefore, you should keep in mind the following four important facts about immigration raids:  


Mass Deportations and Raids Are Nothing New 

Statistics demonstrate that almost 2.5 million immigrants were deported during Barack Obama’s presidency which is the highest number of deportation taken place in any other US president’s tenure. Also, raids have always been conducted time to time. 


None of us are safe 

Although, the discourse by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claims to set up raids targeting only the ‘bad’ guys, when it comes to the implementation phase things often go astray. Many people with minor offenses and some innocents with no crime can also become prey to such deportations. Similarly, politics also make it seem as though ‘good’ immigrants will be protected from raids, but the results may prove otherwise.  


Raids Trigger Sense of FEAR among ALL Immigrants 

Nobody knows when one or a group of immigrants becomes the target for deportation. The unpredictable political situation can put immigrants anytime and anywhere at a threat. Raids serve to remind them that they are never safe, not even in their own homes. Therefore, immigrants presently residing in the US should consult an immigration attorney to follow a path to successfully becoming a US citizen.  


Immigrants are often Creative and Resourceful 

Regardless of life damaging challenges, immigrants have always shown courage to face the circumstances bravely throughout history. Over time, many NGOs and official authorities have built resources and developed strategies to handle the worst conditions. There are several community channels that advocate the rights of immigrants worldwide and raise their voice against any kind of injustice to them. Today, immigrants residing in any corner of the world can take refuge in such organizations, legal institutes and policies for their protection and living. In addition, an immigration attorney can help them find a legal job, receive a marriage license and get a permanent residency.