If you are accused of a crime or suspected of any violation of law, the criminal justice system can make you feel overwhelmed and confused with a maze of complex procedures, documentation, and rules. Fortunately, there are attorneys who specialize in criminal defense cases, aggressively advocating for those charged with crime through a broad array of legal defense strategies.

Although many people are tempted to represent themselves in court, hiring a competent criminal defense lawyer can help with your case in many ways, including:

1.    Make a comprehensive, strategic use of discovery

Discovery is the legal mechanism of compiling evidence that may help refute the prosecution’s evidence thus exonerate you. Documents, written statements, oral testimony, and surveillance video can all be collected together with the help of several discovery tools, like interrogatories, depositions, and subpoenas.

2.    Negotiate with experienced as well as inexperienced prosecutors

A criminal defense attorney can negotiate a plea bargain for the defendant by working with both experienced and inexperienced prosecutors. Plea bargains can result in a less severe sentence as well as even eliminate some or all the charges against you.

3.    Know how the local courts operate

Besides every jurisdiction, each courtroom also has its own judges as well as unique rules and culture. An attorney familiar with the courts where the accused is being charged will certainly render valuable insight into the local system as well as what has to be finished before, during and after the judge makes a decision.

4.    Determine ways to expedite or delay your trial

Considering the case circumstances, one might desire to rush and get things handled immediately or alternatively delay the trial as further as feasible to bring the affairs in order or compile evidence. A defense lawyer can help you determine and carry out a timeline that provides the best results without hurting the case.

5.    Aid to erase your conviction (when achievable)

If you are accused or plead for a lesser charge, a defense lawyer can also assist you to cleanse your past records with the help of expungement. However, just to make you aware that this may not always be possible in each circumstance.