Things become immensely confusing and emotionally stressful upon being arrested on a ‘driving under the influence’ (DUI) arrest. The accused begins to panic and usually start forgetting details that can save you from having a DUI conviction.  Those arrested should immediately hire an attorney that regularly  defend DUI cases.  Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should hire an attorney as soon as possible.

Upon being stopped, you should never make any statements or comments to a law enforcement official.  You should immediately request to make a phone call and call an attorney that has experience in DUI defense.  Having an attorney on your side defending your rights is the only way to ensure that you have a chance of resolving the DUI charges in your favor.  If you do not hire an attorney or consult with an attorney after you get arrested,  there won’t be any counselor there to stop you from saying anything that could jeopardize your defense or from admitting to a criminal act that you may legally not have committed.

Aside from defending you by preserving your rights, an attorney will also walk you through the legal process so that you understand what is coming and what you need to prepare for.  Nobody wants to wander aimlessly at any stage of their court case without any guidance. Walking the minefields without guidance is never advisable nor in your interest!
An attorney working on your side can perform better case investigations than anyone else as they not only know the legal system thoroughly, but they are also able to look at your case with fresh and unbiased and trained eyes. Their lifelong working experience to protect people from unnecessary convictions and passion to keep them from harsh consequences can save you from a frightening and costly aftermath.  

Hiring an attorney also allows you to understand the legal distinctions between the common understanding of what committing a DUI means and the legal definition of what committing a DUI means.  The law and the definitions of criminal activity can be very different from the common understanding of what committing a crime means.  Your attorney can explain that to you.
Once you have been arrested, the anxiety and stress can take control of your mental stability.  Hiring an attorney who will take care of your case and handle the complexities of a trial can alleviate a lot of the stress and anxiety.   Your attorney will work diligently to help and serve your needs.  Remember, your attorney is fiducially obligated to serve your interests!