4 Reasons You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you considered representing yourself in court? You may think your criminal charge will be relatively easy to beat, but there are sure to be obstacles and procedural details you never anticipated. Here are four things a criminal defense attorney can do for you.


1. Influence the trial schedule.

In some cases, all parties are better off settling or moving to trial as soon as possible. However, certain cases will have a higher chance of a positive outcome with a longer discovery period. If you hire a criminal defense attorney, they can delay the trial in order to gather more vital evidence.


2. Rapport with local authorities.

An experienced lawyer is probably familiar with police, prosecutors, and judges in your area. They may have prior dealings with the officer or officers involved with your case. They’ll be able to anticipate what the judge is expecting from counsel, as well as formulate strategies in advance based on their knowledge of local authorities.


3. Work with prosecutors.

Accepting a plea deal typically means entering a guilty plea. Your attorney’s input and negotiation skills are very important here. Not only can they advise whether or not a plea bargain is in your best interest, but they can negotiate with prosecutors to ensure you’re getting a plea deal that satisfies all parties.


4. Reduce penalties.

When punishment can’t be avoided, a lawyer should work to soften the blow. They’ll contest unjust sentences, have certain additional charges dropped, and can even negotiate lower fines. They can also help you manage your record through expungement, if applicable.

Criminal charges can range from minor offenses that result in fines and probation, to those that come with mandatory jail time. No matter the offense, a criminal defense attorney is the best way to ensure you come to court prepared. From inside knowledge of the local system to discovery resources, there’s no substitute for an experienced attorney.