There is no easy way to handle a divorce. Not many people are open about their experiences with it and even fewer have the legal know-how to be able to deal with the proceedings. Finding a great attorney is key to the process, yet many people falter when it comes to this very important decision. There have been many cases where clients go through lawyers, inefficiently utilizing already scarce resources just to find the right one.

To save you the trouble of it all, here’s what you can do to find the right divorce attorney.

Don’t Lose Focus

Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you. Although it’s already hard, divorce proceedings are likely to be longer and more arduous. Focus on what’s really important: the divorce. Hold a firm stance but don’t let unimportant material things that you won’t even need in the long-term hold you down. You don’t want to lose out on what you will acquire during the divorce proceedings in expensive court and litigation fees.

Be on High Alert for Red Flags

Ethics are extremely important so make sure your attorney exhibits them. Be wary of false promises and too much confidential information. If they divulge too much information about their previous high profile cases, you may be in danger after your divorce proceedings are over.

They should be reasonably respectful of other divorce lawyers you’re interviewing. They should focus their full attention to your case during your consultation with them. They shouldn’t be distracted by calls and e-mails.

Determine Your Pool of Potential Candidates

Search for a divorce attorney who understands your case and has dealt with other cases similar to this before. Don’t jump the gun and select the first lawyer you meet. Keep at least 3 in mind. This way you’ll be able to leverage their experience in family law and their abilities (communication, negotiation and creativity) to benefit your situation.