If you are going through a divorce and you have children then you will also have to go through child custody proceedings. Child custody is known as the “allocation of parental responsibilities”. It is probably one of the most difficult and most emotional parts of any divorce. In order for you to have your best chances in court it is important that you know what to do and what you should avoid. If you are currently going through a custody battle, here are four points to not do.

Have a new partner move in with you

A divorce can cause a huge emotional toll on your children. Children need time to adjust and understand what is happening. It can take years for children to come to terms on their new reality and new situation. You may be ready to move on with your new life whether it is moving to a different town, taking on a new job or even moving on and dating someone new. Hold off on plans of relocation until after the divorce has been finalized and avoid moving in with your new partner. A child being introduced to a new partner can cause a wave of emotions, more stress and difficulty in understanding this new process. You should take some time on your own and spend time with your children until the divorce is final.

Try to keep your child away from the other parent
A divorce can have a lot of stress and anger built up. One parent can try to influence the other parent with their children. For example: not allowing them to call the other parent during visits or even speaking negatively and using words that are against the other parent. This is very common behavior for divorce cases but the courts do not view it favorably. Alienation can be viewed by the judge as damaging to the children and are able to restrict parental responsibilities and parenting time to parents who engage.

Yell at your spouse or children

Your ex-spouse can “play dirty” during your divorce proceedings and may even record most of your conversations. If you yell at your ex-spouse or children in any way it can be a damaging impact on your child custody case. Avoid yelling at them or becoming violent in any way to prevent it from affecting your case.

Not hiring the appropriate Lawyer

The best way to ensure success during your divorce and custody battle is by hiring an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as possible. By hiring an attorney, you will have a legal advocate fighting for you and looking out for you throughout the entire process. At Moreno & Associates, our skilled attorneys will help you resolve disputes as quickly as possible, negotiate aggressively and protect your rights all while helping you achieve the best outcome.