U.S. Immigration and Asylum

The U.S. has always had a culture of providing safety to refugees fleeing persecution or war. This nation was built by immigrants and we’ve always welcomed people with open arms.

Foreigners or people without a state, who fear maltreatment as defined by the UN Convention, may claim asylum in the United States.

Who Can Claim Asylum

Asylum can be granted for a variety of reasons. If you are facing persecution in your home country due to religious beliefs, political opinions, racial or ethnic background, you may be eligible to get asylum in the United States. Asylum may also be given to people facing persecution due to sexual orientation.

People from any nationality can claim asylum on the basis of these grounds. You will need to make an application on Form I-589 to the USCIS. There is no cost of the form itself but you may required to pay a processing fees.

Conditions of Application

There are certain conditions that must be fulfilled. Asylum applications must be made in person and the individual must be in the country to claim asylum. A person who has previously been harmed or persecuted but no longer faces the threat does not qualify for refugee status under the UN Convention.

If you arrive in the country while trying to flee harsh conditions from your country, we suggest claiming asylum as soon as entering the U.S. Delaying the start of the process can make the situation more complex and make it difficult to make a successful claim. Please get in touch with our expert asylum lawyers to find out more about how you can claim asylum.

Probability of Success

Making an asylum application does not guarantee success. A majority of cases are rejected for one reason or another. Having an experienced asylum attorney on your side considerably improves your chances of getting the application accepted. If you do not apply on time or if your application is rejected, you may be forcefully removed from the country.

Moreno and Associates provides complete consultation and guidance on the process of submitting an asylum or immigration application. We have helped hundreds of people successfully apply for asylum in the U.S. and have an excellent track record of success.

We provide complete services for everything from starting the process, reviewing and submitting the forms to reviewing the decision and appealing against a denial.